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Frequently Asked Questions


What is STEM ?

STEM simply stands for SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING MATH and more recently acronyms like STEAM are being used where the A stands for integrating Art into the concepts.


Why Us ?

We have been teaching STE(A)M via our activity-based programs since 2013. We have a deep understanding of the subject areas and more importantly our dedicated instructors design and deliver complex concepts in a simple and enjoyable way (for ALL!). We gradually build the difficulty level(s) without learners realizing the complex topics they are learning.


What will you gain as a learner ?

Our goal is for students to walk away with the ability to comprehend problems and gain the expertise to investigate, tackle and find viable and optimal solutions. Ultimately, it helps a child grow into a confident adult capable of handling and running their chosen path and mission(s)..


Why Live Online Courses ?

A large number (as high as 85%) of learners abandon recorded training courses without ever finishing up! Humans need interaction and help when they face a problem. This need is remarkably higher for children OR they simply are not interested. We do LIVE courses & will be with you at every step of your learning process to guide you and answer your questions as they arise!