Science is the study of the nature and behaviour of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain about them.


We are entering a point where technology will change at extreme speeds.This is because technology is cumulative.


Engineering is the application of scientific knowledge and mathematical methods to practical purposes.


The study of the measurement, relationships, and properties of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols.

frequently asked questions

STEM simply stands for SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING MATH and more recently acronyms like STEAM are being used where the A stands for integrating Art into the concepts.

We have been teaching STE(A)M via our activity-based programs since 2013. We have a deep understanding of the subject areas and more importantly our dedicated instructors design and deliver complex concepts in a simple and enjoyable way (for ALL!). We gradually build the difficulty level(s) without learners realizing the complex topics they are learning.

Our goal is for students to walk away with the ability to comprehend problems and gain the expertise to investigate, tackle and find viable and optimal solutions. Ultimately, it helps a child grow into a confident adult capable of handling and running their chosen path and mission(s).

A large number (as high as 85%) of learners abandon recorded training courses without ever finishing up! Humans need interaction and help when they face a problem. This need is remarkably higher for children OR they simply are not interested.
We do LIVE courses & will be with you at every step of your learning process to guide you and answer your questions as they arise!

All our course deliveries in USA are Live Online at this time to cater to our students spread across America (California, Colorado, Memphis, Wisconsin, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire & our list keeps growing!).
In India, Kriyative Edge offers both on-site (Our Centers and Schools) as well as Live Online Courses. Our centers are located in Gachibowli (Hyderabad) and Secunderabad.

Kriyative Edge has been a regular feature at the World Robot Olympiad at the National Level. Many of our teams have gone through the Regionals in Hyderabad and qualified. We have been running annual programs at leading schools in Hyderabad (International School of Hyderabad and Kennedy International School).

We offer a variety of courses so YOU as a learner can decide what best describes you. Our curriculum spans Robotics, Programming, 3D Design and 3D printing, Gaming & School Concepts (practical application of concepts taught at school).

We have you covered! Kriyative Edge has carefully prepared the courseware to ensure an engaging environment for many age groups (via our outcome based lesson plans). Enroll into courses in age groups ranging from 6-9, 10-12, 13-15, and 16+.

Our staff is a great combination of individuals with Masters in Robotics, Masters & Bachelors in Mechanical, Computer Science and Electronics Engineering, Design and Modeling Specialists with a long experience in teaching children.

We offer a variety of courses based on where we teach. While many of the programs run on an annual basis, we do have quarterly-based, Holiday and Summer Camps that run through the entire year.

We are a company that always encouraged Girl Champions in STEM! About half of our amazing instructors are women and almost half of our learners are girls!

Are you curious to know more? Simply schedule a demo session by using the Contact option OR feel free to call on us. We will be glad to see you hoping you will be glad to see us too!

We have done a number of STEM programs at large corporations notably Google India HQ, Hitachi, Microsoft and more. We can be your CSR vehicle to reach a note worth goal! Contact us and we will do Day Camps at schools who cannot afford the cost of advanced training

Our focus from Day One was to make our classes very interactive and allow children to thrive through their thinking. We have been very successful at using our IDEA (IDENTIFY, DEVELOP, ENGAGE, ANALYZE) based "learning by doing" sessions and children have benefitted immensely through this approach.