about us

Kriyátive is derived from the Sanskrit word Kriyá which most commonly refers to a “completed action”. We at Kriyátive Edge are passionate about delivering “an early, sustained and a fulfilling growth platform for overall child development rather than sole academic credibility”. We are keen on bringing a proven concept of learning intertwined with play for every child. Quality learning is our pride, passion and skill. “Learning is fun” is our motto. The aim is to put in place a robust activity based curriculum which will supplement the conventional academic curriculum by having a practical approach to the learning programs in school. In most cases children acquire theoretical knowledge with little or sometimes no practical exposure. There is no place to discover or explore scientific or biological or mathematical concepts through natural inquisitiveness and there is no facilitation of ‘learning by doing’. Our goal therefore is to supplement and substantiate the concepts that children learn as part of their regular school curriculum by bringing in real-world experiences and connecting them. Kriyátive Edge is here to help children with this creative way of thinking otherwise known as divergent thinking. Children tend to think this way when they are at play or exploring. That is the founding principle of our establishment. We believe in a simple approach that can be summarized as: “Build something fun… let learning and empowerment be a definite side-effect”. Kriyátive Edge focuses in providing technical training services to school/college students.


The concept of ‘learning by doing’ has remained our guiding philosophy while designing the programme. Over the course of an in-depth analysis of the market and product/services in this line, we concluded that we need to device a solution that bridges gaps left by others. Ranging from poorly constructed models, basic or non-impact creating equipment, limited reach in suburban and smaller cities, to educational offerings confining themselves to school learning, there are quite a few gaps in the existing system.


Our Story

Kriyátive Edge was established in 2013 with a simple goal to bridge the gap between academic learning and the real-world. We are proud to make an impact and bring about this change and will strive to continue and make a difference!

Our Mission

"We believe in Enable Your Child as our mission and the mantra that early foundation and experience are key differentiators as children grow up"

Our Vision

"We are passionate about delivering an early, sustained and fulfilling growth platform for overall child development"

Our team

We are always passionate about delivering "an early, sustained and fulfilling growth platform for overall child development rather than sole academic credibility" which is a rarity and even if it did was limited to a selected few. We want to bring a proven concept of learning and play to everyone and have them experience it for themselves. Our vision is to create a long term parallel and sustainable environment to be able to create a deeper positive impact on a child's growth and development.Our goal is to create people who can lead by example, have conviction and vision and are able to harness resources and bring the best out of other's abilities.


Surya Kompella


Surya is the Co-Founder and in-charge of Management and Operations at Kriyátive Edge. He is instrumental in planning and execution across all the functions within the organization. Surya is a seasoned IT expert who held several key leadership positions in large multinational companies effectively managing very large cross-functional teams. Surya holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Osmania University and also holds a Management degree from IIM Bangalore.


Vasu Sreekakolapu


Vasu is the Co-Founder of Kriyátive Edge. His core responsibility is planning, curriculum design and ideation. During his nearly 20 year career, he worked with very large multinational companies around the world as an Engineer, Manager, Consultant, Professional Educator and most importantly as an Enabler. Vasu earned his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is passionately progressing with his learning at MIT’s Sloan School of Management in the Boston metro area.


Arun Padala

This is Arun. I believe "productive learning happens by sharing knowledge" and I have been teaching at Kriyátive Edge since 2013. I'm a Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Lowell. My interests are designing interfaces for sensor integration, testing analog systems and performing system level integrations.


Pallavi Gangavaram

We think we know everything, but we still seek for something. Education is never a complete piece. The more we look, the more we get. This philosophy drove me into Robotics and am having more fun than ever. As a graduate in Electronics and Computer Science and through experience I have gained, I am more confident and realized that most of the learning should be fun, should be practical and should be enjoyable. Research and Teaching are two inter-related paths which give me the zing.


Raga Sudha

I’m Raga Sudha, an instructor and a technical associate at Kriyátive Edge. Education for me is looking at things and understanding them logically. As Kriyátive Edge helps children to enable their logical thinking, I feel fortunate to be a part of it from past 2 years.


Siva Nagakrishna

This is Siva , a Jr. Technical Associate at Kriyátive Edge. I have completed Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. My interest on Robotics led me to engage with Kriyátive Edge where I found a huge scope of research and development in Robotics and an opportunity to associate with children by developing their skills. It gives me immense happiness in exploring my world of passion.


Soujanya Erukala

With a passion for Robotics and technology enabled education, Soujanya joined Kriyative Edge to contribute her best in R&D, Product Development and Training in the areas of Robotics and IoT and help the organization to stay ahead of competition by constantly upgrading her skills and knowledge. Kriyative Edge is one of the best places to learn new technologies and turn your ideas into reality.


S Sukumar

Skills are to be acquired, cannot be bought elsewhere. Sukumar is a passionate structural designer with skills to pass on to everyone. The field of Robotics challenged him in many ways and made him stronger. Observing deeper into Robotics, its a cave with no limits and lots of interesting problems. Such a knowledge cannot be left behind and here he is to share it with everyone.


Arunav Chatterjee

What we learn with pleasure we never forget. This enthusiasm drove me to Kriyative Edge, where imagination turns into reality over technology. I have a keen interest towards the shape and the structural view in robotics field. Besides learning and teaching it's really a lively work place and happy to be a part of it.