Kriyátive Edge is derived from the Sanskrit word Kriyá which most commonly refers to a “completed action”. The management at Kriyátive Edge is passionate about delivering “an early, sustained and a fulfilling growth platform for overall child development rather than sole academic credibility”.

We are keen on bringing a proven concept of learning intertwined with play for every child.Quality learning is our pride, passion and skill. “Learning is fun!” is our motto. The aim is to put in place a robust activity based curriculum which will supplement the conventional academic curriculum by having a practical approach to the learning programs in school. In most cases children acquire theoretical knowledge with little or sometimes no practical exposure.

There is no place to discover or explore scientific or biological or mathematical concepts through natural inquisitiveness and there is no facilitation of ‘learning by doing’. Our goal therefore is to supplement and substantiate the concepts that children learn as part of their regular school curriculum by bringing in real-world experiences and connecting them.

Kriyátive Edge is here to help children with this creative way of thinking otherwise known as divergent thinking. Children tend to think this way when they are at play or exploring. That is the founding principle of our establishment. We believe in a simple approach that can be summarized as: “Build something fun… let learning and empowerment be a definite side-effect”. KriyátiveEdge focuses in providing technical training services to school/college students.