Don’t PAUSE at knowledge…PLAY & FAST FORWARD with REAL SKILLS!

The primary driver and philosophy at Kriyátive Edge is activity based learning and empowerment resulting from deep hands-on experience. This is equally true for students as well their primary support providers. We at Kriyátive Edge strive to find individuals who have a high desire to design, create, construct and enjoy spreading that knowledge and joy to others. Working at our company gives you the utmost freedom to think and take ownership of everything you do. The management provides the guidance around the planning, strategy and some ideation. You as an employee are expected to be the face of the company that unleashes the creative juices in children and other students. You can put your own knowledge to work and make a variety of things to perform simple to complex tasks. Your role is to be a strong bridge that connects knowledge to experience resulting in true understanding and learning. Come down to our location and see for yourself. Our office is more like a Research & Play center for kids and adults alike with well-defined outcomes for everyone. Aren’t you already excited to come and get that overall creative experience? This will one of the most enjoyable jobs you ever had! Check out the openings and Contact Us!